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Active OOSH began in 2008 when two newly graduated school teachers recognised a need for out of school hours care in the local community of Taree. The core principles that guided the establishment of Active OOSH were enjoyment, safety and affordability. “We basically didn’t want any kids to miss out on having a great time because they couldn’t afford it”. 


From the beginning Active OOSH was formed in partnership with NSW Public Schools. The key component to the success of Active OOSH has always been relationships. Public School culture is part of the company’s DNA. The owner of the company started his career as a permanent classroom teacher at Forster Public School. This has put Active OOSH in the unique position of understanding the needs of both school and OSHC. Building systems and training service managers in this philosophy has ensured success even as Active OOSH grew to its current position of having services in seven NSW Public Schools.


Active OOSH has been on the forefront of technological advances within the industry. The development of Apps for compliance, WH&S, educational programs, reflective practice and communication has taken the efficiency and quality of Active OOSH to new levels. The ability of a service coordinator to open an app on their smart phone and complete a checklist or make a notification of an WH&S issue in real time means the educators can spend more time with the children and less time with paperwork. The apps can even generate weekly reports for principals and has the functionality to allow compliance offers from the ECEC department to login and see compliance in real time.


The investment in quality systems has allowed Active OOSH to expand the size of each service to accommodate for more attendances. Active OOSH has successfully negotiated shared spaces in schools to accommodate more than 100 places at each service.


The future for Active OOSH looks bright as we aim to increase the level of local ownership at each of our services through our local partnerships program. This will enable Active OOSH to extend our program to more schools across Australia. 

Call Us: 0407 903 979   /

Call Us: 0407 903 979   /

New South Wales, Australia

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