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Kindy Transition Program

Holding hands and helping


you both with the transition



to school.

With our award winning kindergarten transition to school program.

We understand that this is one of life's big moments. Sending your little one off to 'big school' can be daunting. 

It's a huge change in routine and the start of their formal education. The experienced and friendly educators at Active OOSH are here to help with every step along the way.

Our specialised Kindy Program helps ease your child into the school setting. We start in the January school holidays with kindy dedicated educators and programs. The program aims to create an environment that feels similar to preschool while slowly introducing them to 'big school' routines.

From $69 per day before CCS* is applied = $10.01 with a CCS of 90%
*CCS percentage is determined by Centrelink based on your family's income

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