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Before & After School Care

At Active OOSH we provide a home away from home for the children in our care. Our Educators bring their talents and expertise to make sure that every child looks forward to OOSH and feels welcome and cared for. Our centres have multiple indoor and outdoor activities and dedicated spaces where kids can play, create, explore, relax and enjoy.

Includes breakfast
Children attend the classroom directly from Active OOSH
Most Centres offer a bus service to local off site schools 

$21 per session before CCS is applied = $3.05 with a CCS of 90%*
*CCS percentage is determined by Centrelink based on your family's income

Includes afternoon tea

Children come directly to Active OOSH from the classroom

Most Centres offer a bus service from local off site schools and to local after school sports & activities

$27 per session before CCS* is applied = $3.92 with a CCS of 90%

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