Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child/ren?

If you have not enrolled a child with us before, click here. Make sure you download the enrolment help guide, then click on the "Register" button. From there you will be prompted to set up an account with My Family Lounge, and you can then start an enrolment online for your child (using the Start Enrolment button next to their name). If you have a child already enrolled with us, click here and sign in to My Family Lounge. Once there you will see an "Add Child" button at the top of the Child Section. You will then be able to complete an online enrolment form for a new child.

Tell me more about the fees.

Fees vary according to your families Child Care Subsidy percentage, as determined by Centrelink. Below is a general guide. Before School Care full fee = $17 per session (with a CCS of 85% = $3.27 per session) After School Care full fee = $23 per session (with a CCS of 85% = $4.43 per session) School Holiday Care full fee= $65 per day (with a CCS of 85% = $12.51 per day) Kindy Programs full fee= $65 per day (with a CCS of 85% = $12.51 per day) Fees are charged fortnightly on a Tuesday for the period ending the Sunday prior, so fees are charged in arrears based on your child's actual attendance and after any CCS has been applied (so you only pay the remainder). Payments are made by direct debit, which you set up when you complete the enrolment form for your child.

What are your operating times?

Opening & closing times depend on the Centre and are based on the School bell times that they operate within. Find the name of your Centre below for Active OOSH operating times. (BSC = Before School Care; ASC = After School Care; VAC = School Holiday Care) Active OOSH Centaur = BSC 6:30-8:30am; ASC 2:30-6pm (6:30pm DLST); VAC 7am-6pm (6:30pm DLST) Active OOSH Cundletown = BSC 7-9:30am; ASC 3:30-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Forster = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 2:45-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Hallidays Point = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 3-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Lake Cathie = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 2:45-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Old Bar = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 3-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Taree = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 3-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Telegraph Point = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 3-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm Active OOSH Terranora = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 2:45-6pm (6:30pm DLST); VAC 7am-6pm (6:30pm DLST) Active OOSH Wingham = BSC 6:30-9am; ASC 3-6:30pm; VAC 7am-6pm

I'm having trouble with the online enrolment form, help!

Download our enrolment help guide here

Does my child have to attend the school where Active OOSH is located to be able to attend Active OOSH?

For School Holiday Care any primary school aged child can be enrolled regardless of the school they attend, including those who are home-schooled, so long as they are immunised or have an immunisation medical exemption.

For Before & After School Care many of our Centres have their own service bus that can pick up and drop off to other local primary schools. In some cases the school bus can be utilised, this depends on the bus company and it is best to contact them for more information regarding routes and times.

See below for a list of the schools currently serviced by each Centre for Before & After School Care. If your school is not listed but is close to one of our Active OOSH Centre’s, please call the Centre using the contact list here to enquire.

Active OOSH Centaur - Centaur Public School, Banora Point Public School. (For Pacific Coast Christian School please call us here to enquire.)

Active OOSH Cundletown – Cundletown Public School, Manning Valley Anglican College.

Active OOSH Forster – Forster Public School, Tuncurry Public School, Holy Name Primary School.

Active OOSH Hallidays Point – Hallidays Point Public School – no service bus.

Active OOSH Lake Cathie – Lake Cathie Public School, North Haven Public School.

Active OOSH Old Bar – Old Bar Public School (Also St Joseph’s Primary School and Manning Valley Anglican College via the school buses).

Active OOSH Taree – Taree West Public School, Taree Public School, Chatham Public School (Also Tinonee Public School via the school bus - See also Active OOSH Wingham below).

Active OOSH Telegraph Point – Telegraph Point Public School – no service bus.

Active OOSH Terranora – Terranora Public School – no service bus

Active OOH Wingham – Wingham Brush Public School, Wingham Public School, Limited service bus from Tinonee Public School & Manning Adventist Bush School (currently After School Care only: Wed, Thurs & Fri only).

How do I apply for the Child Care Subsidy?

Just head to the Centrelink Website and apply here.

I think my Child Care Subsidy is wrong, what do I do?

If you have recently applied for the CCS it can take some time for Centrelink to assess your application, if your child has attended prior to their approval your statement may not show a CCS amount yet. Once they have assessed your application they will back date your Subsidy to when you completed the application. You will need to log into your MyGov account to access Centrelink online or contact them by phone to check the details you have provided and/or discuss your Subsidy with them. We do not have access to this information and cannot speak to them on your behalf. To log into MyGov go here. To phone Centrelink click here. If you do not have a MyGov account, follow the link here to set it up (to be able to access your Centrelink account online).

I have completed the online enrolment form but I can't book any sessions

Once you have submitted the enrolment form it will come through to Head Office. Once it has been received someone will make contact with you to confirm that your enrolment has been processed (so that you can confirm the enrolment with Centrelink) and find out what type of booking you require (casual or permanent) and any days and sessions you would like to book.

Can I enrol my child who has behavioural and/or medical concerns?

Yes in most cases. We are an inclusive service.

However, there are additional steps involved to ensure that our educators are well prepared to be able to provide your child with the best care for both them and the other children in their care. The first step is to contact our Inclusion Support Manager here to discuss a care plan and the individual needs of your child.